Robert Salomon primarily teaches Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, and International Business in the Full-time MBA and Executive MBA programs.


Professor Salomon has received commendations for “Excellence in Teaching” at both New York University and the University of Southern California. His composite teaching ratings were routinely above 4.5 (out of a possible 5) at the Marshall School of Business (USC) and above 6.3 (out of a possible 7) at the Stern School of Business (NYU). He was also noted as an excellent educator in the Wall Street Journal.




Corporate Strategy

The Corporate Strategy course focuses on the strategic management of the multi-business firm. Corporate Strategy addresses whether firms should enter a range of businesses, how those businesses should be entered (e.g., through internal development, alliance, acquisition, etc.), and how businesses can be synergistically combined to create value.


Business Strategy

The Business Strategy course focuses on strategically managing individual businesses. Business Strategy issues include generating and sustaining competitive advantages, market positioning vis-à-vis competitors, and defending competitive market positions.


Global Strategy

The International Business course focuses on strategically managing the geographically diversified firm. International Business addresses several questions including why firms expand abroad, how firms expand abroad, how managing a multinational corporation (MNC) differs from managing a domestic corporation, and how managers cope with the multiple and often conflicting demands they face when managing cross-border operations.


Executive Open Enrollment

Business and Marketing Strategy: Winning Action Plans (October 11 – 12, 2012) – This open enrollment course is about business strategy at the confluence of marketing and strategy functions. The emphasis is on business strategy that maximizes the creation of firm value in competitive environments, and marketing strategy that differentiates products and services on attributes most valued by target consumers.

Global Strategy (May 20 – 22, 2013) – The central objective of this program is to understand the rationale for international expansion and the strategic management of multinational firms (MNCs). In addition to understanding the global expansion of firms, participants will develop the leadership skills to work effectively across country borders.


Custom Programs

In addition to teaching MBA, Executive, and Open Enrollment courses, Robert has taught a variety of custom courses for corporations and private clients. For details, and a representative client list, contact Professor Salomon at rsalomon@stern.nyu.edu.